CSR in class+ means

Corporate Social Responsibility Social Innovation Sustainable Entrepreneurship


About the previous project

The first edition of CSR was carried out between 2017 and 2019 through a strategic partnership between secondary schools, regional authorities and enterprises in Austria, Italy and Slovenia.

The main purpose of the project was to stimulate the skills and knowledge on CSR and entrepreneurship of secondary school students with innovative study methods to give them useful tools to face the labor market and prepare future workers and entrepreneurs with a European and CSR approach.

The targets were: teachers, headmasters, Students of the 4th year of secondary schools, Responsible Enterprises, Public organizations involved in school education.

The project developed 3 intellectual Outputs:

  1. A National and transnational report "CSR IN CLASS: the spreading of CSR in secondary schools and their territories”
  2. An E-learning platform for teachers
  3. A contest for the school with case studies
  4. A study visit in the different partner countries with Workshops, Presentations of the works of the contest, Company visits and Socializing
2017 - 2019

Now the new project has a +!

The added value of this edition are:

  • A growing team: this time the project will involve schools and institutions from 4 different countries: Germany, Italy, Austria and Slovenia.
  • The broader transnational analysis on the state of the art on CSR, which will include the perspectives from Germany, Italy, Austria and Slovenia.
  • More innovative concepts such as , Sustainable Business and Social Innovation

CSR is constantly developing!

2022 - 2024

Let’s foster the learning of CSR+ in the secondary schools!