Let’s foster the learning of CSR+

in the secondary schools!

Let’s improve the development of secondary schools students’ skills and abilities, as well as the debate, regarding entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility, through innovative methods, procedures and tools.

Let’s spread CSR knowledge in secondary schools.

Let’s improve the development of students’ skills and abilities on

Social Innovation, Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsibility,

through innovative methods and tools.

Students (future workers & entrepreneurs) gain a wide overview on the approach on CSR in Europe.

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Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Business and Social Innovation (CSR+) are becoming more and more important topics. For instance, to the COVID-19 economic crisis, there is a widespread expectation that businesses should be more accountable to the society.

However, CSR is hardly present in the school learning system.

Thus, it is important that young people entering the labor market have the skills to foster sustainable business and innovation to respond to the company’s needs. That is why it is relevant to introduce the topic to teachers and students and “build a bridge” between schools and companies.

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Project Results

EU CSR+ report

CSR is broadening over the areas.

The analysis aims at extending the CSR concept, dealing with social innovation, shared value generation, sustainability and resilience.

According to the territorial profile, the study wants to update the regional references investigated during the previous project, integrating the new territories not represented in the first experience.

The survey will also investigate the main updates regarding regulations, strategies, programmatic interventions of the EU in the field of corporate social responsibility and social innovation.

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CSR+ Learning platform

We offer a free E-Learning course for Teachers and Students. Regarding not only the topic CSR but also ESG and Social Innovation.

Click here to visit the course.

CSR+ Contest

The CSR+ contest will take place simultaneously in the schools participating to the project.

The contest will assess the capacity of students to apply the learned competences and skills, through a

three step activity:

  1. analysis of CSR+ business cases in cooperation with associated partners
  2. elaboration of B Impact Assessment activities
  3. innovation of the analysed business case and elaboration new social business model canvas The results will be assessed by a jury composed by the project partners and from associated partners.

CSR Evolution

from the CSR to CSR+

CSR project

CSR+ project has a +!

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