IZB (Institut für Zukunft und Bildung), Einrichtung mit Rechtspersönlichkeit an der BHAK Mürzzuschlag – Austria

The IZB of the HAK Mürzzuschlag is an organisation of the BHAK Mürzzuschlag and directly connected to the school. The BHAK Mürzzuschlag is an Austrian business school and was founded in 1968. It is a typical Austrian school in the segment of vocational schools. The special feature of this type of school is the combination of topics of general education with topics of vocational training. In addition to general education subjects, business subjects play a particularly important role. Special focuses of the training are: “Marketing and Communication”, “Information and Communication Technology” and “International Management. The school is closely integrated into the economic networks of the region and integrates the current challenges of the region into its teaching.

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