National student competition at EGSŠ in solving the case study “CSR in Class”

At the invitation of the The Development Agency for Upper Gorenjska RAGOR, our school joined the Erasmus+ project, in which students will explore the state of socially responsible entrepreneurship in Slovenia and, using the example of a selected company, will seek and propose solutions for even more successful integration of it in the business world. Italian, Austrian, German and Slovenian students will participate in the project.

On Monday, 19th June 2023, EGSŠ Radovljica organised a national competition in solving a case study of a good practice of a socially responsible company (Case Study), in the framework of the European Project CSR in Class+.

Each student team of four from the 3rd year of EG prepared for the competition in two parts. In the first part, students studied the European online learning platform on CSR, ESG and social innovation, solved quizzes, analysed companies’ sustainability reports and carried out group assignments in class. They then learnt about good practices of socially responsible companies in Gorenjska. In April, May and June, they visited Domel Železniki, NGEN Žirovnica and Alpine Resort Ribno. Each company proposed a business challenge. In the second part of the preparation for the competition, each student team chose one local socially responsible company, combined theoretical and practical knowledge, interviewed a representative of the selected local company to obtain additional information, and using the Canvas business model, prepared solutions to the business challenge and submitted them to the national CSR in Class committee for evaluation.

On the day of the competition, each student team made a 5-minute convincing and effective presentation of the business challenge solution in front of the national CSR in Class evaluation committee, composed of Eva Štravs Podlogar, director of RAGOR Jesenice, Jasmina Bagar, representative of RAGOR Jesenice, Katarina Strgar, marketing manager of Alpine Resort Ribno, Ksenija Lipovščeik, principal of EGSŠ, Marja Podjed, teacher at EGSŠ, Katja Komljanec, teacher at EGSŠ and Irena Papac, teacher at EGSŠ. After the interesting and convincing presentations of the business challenge solutions, the CSR in Class national evaluation committee analysed and evaluated each presentation and unanimously selected the winning student team of the Alpine Resort Ribno business challenge.

At the end of the competition, the national evaluation committee of CSR in Class invited all the participating student teams to the classroom, thanked the students for their active participation and gave them feedback on the evaluation criteria: Accuracy of analysis, Structure and format of the document, Application of the concepts learned in the e-learning course, Impact of the ideas on the CSR, ESG and SI, and Applicability and creativity of the idea, and Application of the Canvas business model template, and then announced the winning student team consisting of: Nikolina Lazarević, Iza Lavtar, Peter Jemec and Erazem Jug.

On Friday 23 June 2023, the Principal of EGSS will present a prize at a public school event to the winning student team, who will represent the EGSS at an international competition in autumn.